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These Algae Farms Cover The Walls Of Buildings And Soak Up Carbon

Walls might be the next frontier for urban farming.

“Micro-organisms like algae are like bacteria—it’s one of those things that in our culture people try to get rid of,” Griffa says. “But algae offer incredible potential because of their very intense photosynthetic activity.” Algae take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen while growing. Compared to a tree, micro-algae are about 150 to 200 times more efficient at sucking carbon out of the air.

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I don’t know what happened to the Future. It’s as if we lost our ability, or our will, to envision anything beyond the next hundred years or so, as if we lacked the fundamental faith that there will in fact be any future at all beyond that not-too- distant date. Or maybe we stopped talking about the Future around the time that, with its microchips and its twenty-four-hour news cycles, it arrived.

Michael Chabon, The Omega Glory

Futurelessness is an attribute of the postnormal era. We are confronted with so much fog — from a cascade of ambiguities, the dissolution of institutions and the collapse of solidarity, and the growing complexities of an incestuously interconnected world — that we are blocked from envisioning some extrapolated arc of history over the event horizon. And there is so much appearing and smacking us in the face everyday, it’s as if the present has been colonized by the future. As William S. Burroughs put it, 

When you cut into the present the future leaks out.

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Photo of a Nuclear Explosion Less than 1 Millisecond After Detonation

Captured less than 1 millisecond after the detonation using a rapatronic camera, which is capable of exposure times as brief as 10 nanoseconds. The photograph was shot from roughly 7 miles away during tests in Nevada (1952). The fireball is roughly 20 meters in diameter, and three times hotter than the surface of the sun.


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Excellent editorial cartoon

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*Redtail hawk vs drone

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In some sense, the word enlightenment is misleading. It is no more about the light than the dark. Resisting the shadow just makes it darker. It is not about becoming continuously blissful. It is about becoming more authentic, more genuinely here. It is about holding the light and the shadow all at once. Perhaps we should call the ultimate goal enrealment—the quest to live in all aspects of reality at once.
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somequeerdistortion said: do you have any reading recs on physics for someone who is, errr, not scientifically inclined (at all)? i'm interested in learning about it (specifically in relation to time travel -- but if i've got to start somewhere totally basic so be it) & haven't a clue where to start and am very intimidated.


Physics (general):

Time Travel:

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The Meme of our Years.

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